Friday, October 12, 2007

Robert Capa Article 2

Robert Whelan is the author of this article. It is a direct attack on the credibility of Robert Capa's work "Falling Soldier" which i posted a picture of a few posts back. When Capa first published this picture in September of 1936 no one challenged if the photograph was real or staged until 1975 when South African O'Dowd Gallagher told author Philip Knightley about his take on the matter. Knightley, British born, soon after published his own book that included O'Dowd and several others questioning the authenticity of the image. The article goes on to talk about the claims that these guys made against Capa but their stories become blurred and mixed up. Their own credibility about their own allegations softens and I end up agreeing with Whelans re-enforced claim at the end of the article. he and I both believe strongly that Capa actually did take that photo in 1936 of Federico Borrell Garcia. Its really sad that people looked at Capa's work with such a skewed eye for the last 30 years solely because some guy wanted to make a name for himself by drinking Haterade. Ridiculous. Capa is a God and he proved why in this image, one of the most famous images of War. Ever.

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