Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Robert Capa is one of the most famous war photographers of the 20th Century. He was there for when the first allied wave of troops stormed the Beaches of Normandy among other crazy moments of war. He is touted as the Titan of War Photography. The article above gives a brief taste of who he was and how famous he quickly became. There is a movie that I will be watching this weekend titled simply "War Photography" that chronicles Capa's profession. Its funny, as famous as he was, he hated his job. A quote in the article that stood out to me was "A war photographers greatest wish is unemployment." But once they start, its hard to get out. They find the fuel to do what they do through the adrenaline attained of being right there in the action. He was fearless and strived for catching the most captivating images. The one above, is one of his most famous. It shows a Spanish Soldier being shot in the head and falling at the moment the bullet is exiting the skull. It is taken in Cordoba during the Spanish Civil War. This defines the brutality and reality of war. Looking at images of hippies placing flowers in soldiers guns has one affect. But this is an example of something that has been lost in recent memory as far as covering the war in Iraq among other examples. The government doesn't want to let these images get out anymore.

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