Friday, October 12, 2007

Huge Article on Nachtwey and VII

"Even in the age of television, still photography maintains a unique ability to grasp a moment out of the chaos of history and to preserve it and hold it up to the light. It puts a human face on events that might otherwise become clouded in political abstractions and statistics. It gives a voice to people who otherwise would not have one. If journalism is the first draft of history, then photography is all the more difficult, because in capturing a moment you don't get a second chance."- James Nachtwey

I couldnt agree more with that statement. Photography is incredible. It is the most realistic way to depict reality...pardon my wording but it really is as simple as that. Even nowadays with Spieldberg and Michael Bay movies exciting viewers everywhere with their special effects and action, photography will always still hold value in world wide culture. It is a still image of something real. Movies, even documentaries are less effective at letting the viewer decide what they are looking at. If you look above at this image by James Nachtwey titled "Rwanda" you can see the scars that have been afflicted upon this man's face. You don't necessarily have the whole story laid out in front of you so you are urged to learn more. Why is this man in such pain? Who caused this pain? Where did this happen and how? Professional photographers have all these questions racing through their heads when they set out to capture something this intriguing. So be it this may be Nachtwey's best but he took pride in all his work. From short snap shots to well composed images like this. I will continue on this post later...

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